Thursday, July 14, 2011

1st year is the hardest....

The first year is the hardest. That is what everyone says - it makes you wonder if this is what you have to experience to appreciate real love and what marriage really means. Or if this is what you have to experience to understand what real love and marriage really means.

To all those veteran married couples. I applaud you - You have accomplished a feat that the devil tries to deter you from every second of every day.

Marriage is about loving when you don't want to love, about supporting the other when you feels you have no strength left. Marriage is about creating a cord of three strands that cannot be broken. Marriage is about unconditional love which entails hard work and is not easily created.

In merely 19 days - we have fought battles that many married couples see in time. The drama is life right now is overwhelming and we are meant to depend upon each other. Can i say that my first year of marriage experiences happened in 19 days and move on to the bigger and better things in life? or is this a reflection of how our next 19 years are going to be?

No time for each other and we don't even have a family yet.
A job that isn't willing to pay their employees and puts us in financial distress.
Loss of a job due to layoff.
Stress of the other working too much with no option to help support more.
Neighbor problems with homemade waterfalls and falling ceilings.
10 hour power outage which almost causes loss of food and sanity.
Family drama on both sides.
Longing to be healthy enough to enjoy the others company.

All of this in 19 days. Can we have peace for a while? But we still love each other....
Nobody ever said it would be easy - but nobody warned us it would be this hard. 346 more days to go.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Place

So we are settling into our place. We are getting things put up on the walls and in place where they belong.

The kitchen is coming together:

So super excited about everything in the kitchen - not gonna lie - we had to buy a smaller microwave to fit all our kitchen gadgets on the kitchen counter. lol! love the new mixer - haven't used it yet but plan on using it tonight. and the blender is awesome! thanks Matt - and the Keurig! amazing! used it bunches already! love the grill we got from Ventura family - already used it for 2 delicious dinners!

But don't forget our amazing table we got from Johns parents - love it!

The rest of the house is coming together - slowly but surely :)

 Our dvd collection that needs a home.....

 Couldn't live life without my beaches....
 Laundry room and extra bathroom....
 Extra bedroom -
 Amazing quilt we were gifted by my adoptive grandmother Irene Goodrich - all hand quilted!
 Our bedroom - obviously can tell which side of the bed john sleeps on :)
 Our bathroom.
 Ps - we need more closet space.
 Our unity candle - gift from johns parents.
 Awaiting a picture of us... :) gift from BFF Alicia.

There is just so much more to do and so much time - we will see what comes :) 
Almost 2 weeks - and we still love each other <3

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1 Week

It's been about a week since we said "I DO".

We didn't have a honeymoon but we spent some good time with family before and after the wedding. And now we are planning for our 1 year anniversary vacation!

We got the opportunity to go to the store and get everything we wanted for the house with the gifts that we received from the wedding. We got my mixer!! that's all i care about. lol. just kidding! We got lots of stuff for the house; mixer, table cloth, decorations, large mirror, kitchen gadgets, tortilla warmer etc.  Basically all the necessities. haha.

4th of July was our very first holiday as a newly married couple. We spent it with family. John prevented my parents house from burning down by saving the grill and the porch but burning his hand. That will definatley be a first holiday to never forget.

We are living together - of course! and we already have neighbor problems! lol - apparently our HVAC unit was leaking into the downstairs neighbors garage. He had a homemade waterfall and apparently didn't appreciate it. so then he turned off our AC! we are so getting a lock so that doesn't happen again.

1 week in and we already: have neighbor problems, repairs on the houses, our first injury, and we still love each other. let's see what's to come!